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A Video Library of Tips, Tools and Resources for Travelers.

Are you planning a trip of a lifetime?

International travel is amazing, awesome, beautiful and life-changing, but it can also be frustrating and overwhelming.
Or expensive not to know.  This valuable library of travel resources is designed to help you travel with confidence.

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Travel Smart​

Learn tips and tools to help you travel with ease. Don't make common travel mistakes; instead, find out what you need to know before you go.

Travel Safe

Safety is a concern when embarking on the unknown. The videos share travel tips to help you stay safe abroad while having fun.

Travel Experts

Videos created by real travelers that have journeyed abroad discovering travel secrets through their own trips.

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24x7 access. Videos are fully optimized for smartphones, tablets, and computers (Apple and Windows).

Meet Your Travel Coaches

After completing a seven year long trip around the world (yes – one continuous trip), Dan and Shyla Bare have mastered the art of travel.  They have been to 75 countries, lived for a more than a year in 5 countries, and now share their travel knowledge in a way to help, enable, and inspire others to travel abroad.

They teach 20 different travel classes at ten colleges and venues in the Pacific Northwest, and have helped over 2,500 students travel the world.

Their best-selling book Before You Go Abroad Handbook is filled essential travel tips and tools for International Travel.  It’s available in paper and eBook at

Best International Travel Coaches 2020
by LuxLife Magazine

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Sample a Video

There are dozens of videos in the library on need-to-know topics for travelers.

Here’s an example of a video with important tips for international travelers.  Click the video on the left to view it.

Not all ATM cards work overseas!  Don’t get caught out by not being able to get cash at your destination.  Find out how travel experts get money around the world.

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We’ve Received Thousands of 5-star Reviews from Happy Travelers!

“Thanks Dan and Shyla for the confidence and knowledge to travel abroad. Your classes, book, and groups have been invaluable. Keep up the great work!”
Portland, Oregon
“It is always a treat to hear Shyla and Dan share their Travel Tips and useful travel information before you pack your bags and Go”
Portland, Oregon
“These guys know their stuff! They keep up on current trends and happily share their wealth of knowledge. I learned so much from them!!!”
Vancouver, Washington
“I really appreciate their videos with travel tips. I learned a lot from them about technology before a trip to Europe last summer. Thanks!”
Seattle, Washington

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